The Sing Songs

The Sing Songs are Anja Müller & António Pedro Lopes & Guilherme Garrido. We are two Ukulele, a glockenspiel, a bass, an acoustic guitar, voices, GARAGE BAND, scissors, you name it we play it. Müller & Lopes first met in Porto and made a public performance called DIE, after an original of Scout Niblett. They toured that same musical number in a city called Terrassa with a Latino Iron Maiden Shirted acoustic Guitar player. December brings homemade songs to make you dream, cry and try new feelings or readings. Garrido aka Milk&Cookies accompanies with his harmonic/melodic touch. We dream to fly by making music, singing loud and playing together. After this first trio meeting, sailing on DÄS boat, over a white snow sea tasting like cotton candy, we will continue our musical journey by making you hear and taste new musical flavours! We travel from exotic to erotic, from sober to drunk, from we to you.

First you put on your mask by The Sing Songs