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! soon in Guadalajara Mexiko und Sophiensaele Berlin!

LA MULA - A Beatmusical

"Where does art stand in society today? In a daring piece of self-experimentation, the performer Anja Müller is putting on a one-woman musical. Her beat-heavy, bass-pumping show brazenly parades about clichés that are all too evident in current popular culture. But beneath the fake bling is real irony: Müller’s brash persona ‘La Mula’ cuts straight to the point with some tough questions: has poverty become a vital artistic principle? And why do we feel under constant pressure to entertain?"(Berlin&I City Guide)

 ! just premiered !

In Blow Boys Blow Dennis Deter and his crew celebrate the long history of links between seafarers and the theatre world. Many years ago sailors were used as technicians on the world stages. Since then there has been a close link between theatres and sailing ships. Seamen not only knew how to move skilfully over the stage and between the lights, tied tight knots and improve the curtains; they also brought their superstitions, their terminology and their traditions into theatre. 

In this tempestuous show seven performers master every obstacle with their spirited songs and keep the ship on course until the last curtain.


Becoming Undone - PART II from WILHELM GROENER
25. - 28. February 2016 @ open spaces @ Tanzfabrik Berlin

In this work from WILHELM  GROENER Anja is dancing, is a onecellular structur, is feet and hands and body and material.


 ! we just played WHAT DOESNT WORK in Durham/ North Carolina !


In "What Doesn't Work“ three people devote themselves to an impossible undertaking: the creation of a symphony of movement without composition. They shape the irrational, the secret and the spontaneous with their bodies, wringing a landscape of physical memories out of every moment. In this intensely physical work, Tommy Noonan, Anja Müller and Murielle Elizéon explore the endless and unlimited possibilities of spontaneous decision, drawing eclectic and surreal forms into a calm room as if every second were both their first and their last.


 ! and here the little trailer from our new work with DETER / MÜLLER / MARTINI ! 

A L L    I S   C R A C K L E 
by Deter/Müller/Martini & Friend

Ist das schon alles gewesen? Liebe, Zirkus, Tod, Wiederaufstehen und die Reste des großen Feuers.

Ausgehend vom Nachdenken über das Ende der Ressourcen – sowohl der natürlichen Rohstoffe, als auch der eigenen Kräfte und Säfte – wollen wir aufs Ganze gehen und uns samt aller Saele der Sophiensæle solange verausgaben, bis nichts mehr übrig bleibt. Von uns. Von euch. Vom Theater und vom Rest der Welt. ALL IS CRACKLE ist ein Stück für von 4 Personen für 1 Person.

KONZEPTION, PERFORMANCE Dennis Deter, Lea Martini, Anja Müller