a performance by Lea Martini. with Lea Martini, Dennis Deter and Yurie Unamoto.
Premiere: 03.11.2010 Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht

"weren't you afraid?
a little. I enjoyed it."

Nachtmaal is an invitation for

After an abundance of vampire movies,
we are ready to go.

Even though we are human and mortal, we surrender to the myths
of lonely blood suckers and immortal underdogs. Let us all and for
once lushesly believe in their existance.
We have one Nachtmaal together.

When Dracula is asked:
What is it that inspires the most longing in you, that is most
desirable and yet most unattainable?

he answers: light

We rather ask first:

How dark can you go?

Photos by Theresia Knevel