LA MULA // Anja Müller // Carrack Modern Art // Durham U.S.

"I loved La Mula. Anja Müller was charismatically good--she went high, low, and all points in between without striking a false note... People need to see it, lots of people: people everywhere!“ 
John Justice, the post, 18.12.2015

„The description of the work as a “one-woman musical” had given no inkling of what would transpire — including the fact that the small performance space would seem about to ex- plode from the heart-stopping, loud percussive, drawn-out finale. The performance that proceeded the “rock-star” act, drew me in. Her all-in effort, enthusiasm, playfulness and sense of humor proved engaging as did her daring and stamina.“
Susan Brolin, Herald Sun, 18.12.2015

„While „What doesn’t work“ seems to reject an analytical Berlin scene, Müllers LA MULA exaggerates and parodies it. The garish one-woman show crosses music with perfor- mance art to critique the commodification of cultural expressions, all with a hip-hop inflec- tion. Müllers movement ranges from dancing to gestural acting, occasionally approaching visceral body art as choreography, it draws on cinematic and advertising traditions at least as much as dance.“ 
Chris Vitiello, INDYweek, 16.12.2015

LA MULA // Anja Müller // Being female Festival // Eisfabrik Hannover

„Die Fragen, die Müller in LA MULA stellt, sind grundsätzlich und werden viel zu selten ge- stellt. Welche Geschichten lassen sich noch auf einer Bühne erzählen? Welche Haltung muss ich einnehmen, um gehört zu werden? Welche Rolle spielt dabei die eigene Persönlichkeit?“ 
Thomas Kaestle, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 17.10.2015

LA MULA // Anja Müller // Sophiensaele // Berlin

"Where does art stand in society today? In a daring piece of self-experimentation, the per- former Anja Müller is putting on a one-woman musical. Her beat-heavy, bass-pumping show brazenly parades about clichés that are all too evident in current popular culture. But beneath the fake bling is real irony: Müller’s brash persona ‘La Mula’ cuts straight to the point with some tough questions: has poverty become a vital artistic principle? And why do we feel under constant pressure to entertain?“ 
Berlin&I City Guide, 8.09.2014